How COVID saved the classroom
Education Technology

“Collaborative AR would harness the global reach of the internet to overcome the limitation of brick and mortar classrooms to localise learning; it overcomes the limitations of device based communication in supporting group learning...”

“Organic design was once prohibitively expensive, but new construction technologies like 3D printing deliver curved forms as cheaply as boxes. We can even 3D print buildings with earth dug up on site. A teacher who fell asleep in his or her classroom has woken up a year later and found that everything has changed.”

Beyond the Classroom
Architecture Today


“There were some really radical ideas there, some really fresh thinking, I think you’ve given us all a lot to think about.”
- Ruth Slavid @archifreelance

“In this model of learning everyone can achieve their individual potential, and being individual at school will no longer hold you back.”

Planning Learning Spaces
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  • Technology is transforming teaching, and we need to update learning spaces for the digital age.

  • Construction is changing, and new ways of building will enable new ways of designing.

  • Our mission is to rethink the architecture of education from the foundations up.

ArcED was born out of Hugh Gatenby’s graduate thesis research at the London School of Architecture, exploring the intersection between architecture and education. He previously studied at the University of Edinburgh, where he was the recipient of a Principal’s Teaching Award. He has also studied in New York, at Parsons School of Design.

After working in Paris for Lina Ghotmeh—Architecture, Hugh practiced in London at John McAslan + Partners. He now works within the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government as an analyst. A keen teacher, Hugh enjoys running sailing courses as an RYA instructor. 

Hugh leads ArcED with a network of collaborators. 


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We design, draw, visualise and write about future learning spaces. If you create or manage education facilities then let us help you disrupt the status quo.
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