Hugh Gatenby founded design studio arced in 2020. Hugh is an alumnus of the London School of Architecture and a fellow of Create Streets. He has worked for Homes England, and infill developer Caswell&Dainow. He has also worked for architecture practices in London and Paris.

  • sustainable cities and communities: responding to climate breakdown and biodiversity loss is a priority for arced. The studio prioritise retrofit to reduce embodied carbon. The latest innovations in green technology are pursued to improve on the status quo.

  • quality education: arced specialise in the architecture of education. Today’s education shapes tomorrow. If learning environments are the ‘third teacher’ alongside educators and peers, these spaces are crucial to achieving a sustainable future.

  • good health and well-being: with 90% of our time spent indoors, arced prioritise healthy buildings. A studio style of fluid layouts allows air to circulate and light to spread.  arced’s plans are designed to encourage movement and exploration, for both cognitive and physical benefits.